3 Amazing Benefits of Laser Dentistry

In less than 60 years, handheld dental lasers have come a long way from their earliest demonstrations. Today, laser dental tools have the potential to revolutionize your oral health, yet many dentists remain stuck with conventional treatment methods, despite the many benefits offered by laser-based dentistry.

Here at La Michoacana Dental Clinic in Houston, we use cutting-edge technologies to ensure you get the best in dental health and try to make you as comfortable as possible during your treatments. And that’s why we opt for innovative dental lasers. By using focused beams of light energy, we address common dentistry issues, as well as cosmetic needs, giving you the smile of which you’ve always dreamed.

Dental lasers 101: Understanding the basics

Let’s face it, trips to the dentist chair are welcomed by very few people. Some are so disturbed by the experience, they opt for sedation as the only way they can cope with dental anxiety. Or, worse, they avoid regular dental visits due to stress over the nature of the treatments, making them far more likely to need the treatments they’re trying to sidestep.

But dental lasers offer a solution. These lasers can, potentially, replace the conventional dental treatments for a variety of procedures, including:

When it comes to nervous dental patients, opting for dental lasers may be the best option possible. To help you understand how much they can help, we’re giving you just three of the amazing benefits laser technology offers in the dental office.

Laser dentistry benefit #1: Comfort

If dental anxiety has kept you from routine dental visits, it’s time to set your fear aside. Dental lasers are significantly more gentle than conventional oral dental tools, minimizing bleeding and the need for stitches, especially when it comes to work on the gums, which traditionally used scalpels for deep cleaning the tooth roots and gums.

And because these lasers naturally cauterize the tissue, your recovery period is less painful and much shorter. In most cases, laser dentistry eliminates the need for anesthesia during gum treatments.

Laser dentistry benefit #2: Precision

When using a dental laser tool, your dentist has a greater degree of precision, as the laser light is focused to pinpoint its energy. This precision allows the dentist to work on one specific area without creating damage or discomfort to the surrounding area. The result is minimized tissue damage as a whole and a quicker treatment and recovery.

Laser dentistry benefit #3: Safety

Perhaps the most important, laser dentistry offers a level of safety never before seen in the field. On top of minimizing tissue damage, dental lasers provide a sterilization that can’t be done with mouthwash alone. These lasers eradicate bacteria, reducing your risk of bacterial infections after your dental procedure.

And without the need for anesthesia, you eliminate the common side effects and complications that can arise with anesthesia and don’t need someone else to ensure you make it home safely.

What’s more, these lasers stimulate your body’s natural healing process and help your wounds heal faster, again, keeping your mouth safer and reducing the risks associated with open wounds on your gums and soft tissues.

Keep your smile bright with laser dentistry

With these benefits, there’s no reason not to make the switch to laser dentistry. You have less pain, fewer recovery days, and you even heal faster. Your dentist’s work is more precise and you have a lower risk of infection, bleeding, and the need for anesthesia.

When you consider these benefits, why would you choose anything else? Ask your dentist about laser dentistry today and finally get the oral health care you need and want.

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