It is completely normal to experience general soreness within the first couple days after getting your braces on. If you are experiencing any pain on your lips, cheeks, or gums from the braces while your mouth is becoming adjusted, apply some wax on the areas where it is tender. For pain relief, we recommend taking a pain reliever such as Tylenol and eating soft foods such as a smoothie, ice cream, applesauce, or soup. You may also rinse your mouth with salt and water.

Next, there are things you MUST AVOID with braces! These are:

  1. Gum of any kind (even sugarless)
  2. Sticky, chewy, and hard candy of any kind (like Skittles, Gummy Bears, Caramels, and Tootsie Rolls)
  3. Foods that are really hard (ex. nuts, bagels, pizza crust)
  4. Corn on the cob (corn off the cob is fine)
  5. Pure, non-diluted lemon juice. Lemon in your iced tea or on your fish is fine, but don’t eat raw lemons! (Yes, some people actually do this.) The pure lemon juice can eat away at the enamel on the surface of your tooth. Not good!
  6. Chewing on ice
  7. Do not bite on foreign objects like pens, pencils, and bottle caps or can caps

You, Your Braces and Food

We know you are worried about this, but rest assured, you will not starve! It will be difficult to eat for a few days, but you will get used to your braces pretty quickly and be eating normally soon. Have some soft food on hand for the day you get your braces on. Things like soup, yogurt, pudding, mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, & scrambled eggs will help you get through those first few days.

Brush and Floss! This is so important! Brushing and flossing can mean the difference between a great orthodontic result and a poor one. We don’t want you to have a poor one, and after all the time and effort that will be going into your braces, you probably don’t want a poor one either. If you need to see some pictures of poor hygiene, let us know! They’re pretty awful, and you definitely don’t want YOUR teeth to end up like that!

Keep Your Appointments! If you miss a lot of appointments, guess what? You will be in braces longer than you have to be! Also, if you miss appointments without calling us to let us know, you may end up getting charged for these. It is very important that Dr. Johnston sees you on a regularly scheduled basis. If not properly monitored, braces can cause problems that can possibly cause you to have braces longer than expected, or even have them removed before finishing the treatment.

Playing Sports with Braces

Game, Set, Match — we have great news for athletes! You can still play sports even while undergoing orthodontic treatment! If you do play sports, it’s recommended that you wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth and your appliance. Let your doctor know if you need help finding the right mouthguard for the best protection.

In case of a sports emergency, be sure to immediately check your mouth and appliance for damage. If you notice any loose teeth or appliance damage, please contact our office right away. You can temporarily relieve the discomfort by applying wax or rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater.